The Path to Social Wellness:

If you are a person engaged in the process of social wellness, you see the value in living in harmony with your fellow human beings,  seeking positive, interdependent relationships with others, and developing healthy behaviors. You are also willing to actively seek out ways to preserve the beauty and balance of nature and the community.

  • Are you engaged in the process of social wellness?
  • Do I plan time to be with my family and friends?
  • Do I enjoy the time I spend with others?
  • Are my relationships with others positive and rewarding?
  • Do I explore diversity by interacting with people of other cultures, backgrounds, and beliefs?

If you answered “No” to any of the questions, it may indicate an area where you need to improve the state of your social wellness.
University of California, Riverside (UCR)

Mom’s Mourning Out

Moms Morning Out Group at Henrico Arms CONNECT Program consists of women in the community that serve as mothers, grandmothers and caring adults to the youth in the community. These women get together monthly to participate in activities that increase educational/career goal setting, social bonding, and exposure to new opportunities and experiences. This group provides the women an opportunity to focus on themselves and connect with other woman and build supportive and lasting relationships.

Tanighya Lanier

My name is Tanighya Lanier. I am a senior at Henrico High School and I have been a Henrico Prevention Youth Ambassador for the last 4 years. Youth Ambassadors has provided me with the opportunity to learn leadership skills such as the ability to delegate, communicate effectively, motivate, and inspire others. It has also given me the chance to give back to my community through our many service learning projects. My experience with Youth Ambassadors has helped me to further develop a connection and sense of belonging to my peer group and community as a whole. I will continue to refine these skills and remain active in community service as a student at James Madison University in the fall.