Financial Literacy-Community Programs

It has always been my belief that as a manager of a subsidized community.  I have a responsibility of doing more than leasing apartments and collecting rent.  Many of my residents just don’t have the same resources as others who are more fortunate. One of the needs I saw was residents being able to conduct their personal business. Many would come to the office and ask for help, and that’s when the idea of a business center came to mind.  We started the Community Business Center at Richfield to give our residents a place to have internet access, look and apply for jobs, fax documents, and provide other resources that will empower them to be better citizens. By partnering with the CONNECT Program we were able to do just that. Residents are now able to use the Business Center daily before the CONNECT Program starts.

Senethia Martin,
Richfield Place Manager

Oakland Community

Parents and community residents attended financial planning workshop coordinated by Virginia Credit Union.

TJPP is an employment program for students 14-16 years of age. The students learn soft skills in preparation for the workforce.
Students in Teen Job Prep Program prepare resumes for employment using their lap tops. The students learn about customer service, dealing with conflict, ethical dilemmas and service learning. Students participate in the TJPP program the entire school year then work in the summer.